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Various locations North of the Arctic Circle in Lofoten, Norway
6995 Peaceful cove and boat house.8228 Approaching Snowfall8193 Aurora Borealis8184 Aurora Borealis8154 Aurora Borealis8034 Reine Overlook7954 Hamnoy Harbor7878 Looking Toward Flakstad7022 Snow Covered Rocks6913 Red Hut Near Ramberg7745 Aurora Borealis from Hamnoy7729 Aurora Borealis from Hamnoy7707 Aurora Borealis from Hamnoy6811 Hamnoy, pano6734 Reine Overlook, looking North6731 Reine Overlook6692 Shoreline near Reine, monochrome6692 Shoreline near Reine7669 Overlooking Reine, pano, monochrome7669 Overlooking Reine, pano