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A selection of images from recent years featuring the beautiful sandstone of this region. Please see the separate Grand Canyon Portfolio
7305 Garden, San Xavier del Bac7241 Tucson Barrio 9047156 Tucson Barrio 8507150 Tucson Barrio 8719883 Sunbeams on Cholla7497 Suguaro Decay7280 Tumacacori Church (rear view)7195 Tucson Barrio 267074 Tumacacori Mission-Edit6663 Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden1951 Organic Man8541 Red Barrio Door 3858478 Layers-25877 Control Wheel5802 Home Sweet Home-2-Edit2487 Barrels-32457  Kitchen  Memories-Edit9691 Barrel Cactus9150 Chihuly Glass0156 Succulent