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8710 Drift Log, Dungeness Spit8969 Molting Saguaro4146 New Jersey marsh land2112 Bristlecone III2086 Lean into it3272 After the Rain2967 Naked, Kaibab Plateau0131 Blue Ridge and Tree9728 Yosemites Falls with Ice9706 Watson Lake, Cottonwoods-30754 Coffepot Rock, Sedona, AZ8381 Old Logs Rialto Beach8357 Stranded Stump on Rialto beach8296 In the Hoh Rainforest8241 Hoh Rainforest Stump8101 Juniper on the Edge7497 Suguaro Decay3918 Lightning Storm, Grand Canyon7902 Naked on the Beach7678 Grand Canyon, Clearing Storm