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Selected images from one of my favorite locations.
1660 Cloud and Snow Covered Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains1485 The View from the Pallor1407 Mono Lake, Early morning side light.1400 Mono Lake, Tufa Near and Far6743 Sunrise on Hunt's Mesa8718 Mono Lake Sunrise5337 The Radiator5408 Horse Arch, Panamint Valley8755 Mono Lake Skeletal Bush9627 In the Shadow, In the Light9747 Mesquite Dunes6013 Mesquite Dunes, Storm8124 Sunset, Mesquite Dunes1315 Mono Lake, Winter Sunrise2957 Dune Edge5302 The Radiator, Death Valley8107 Afternoon Dunes2699 Sad Joshua Tree2212 Bristlecone Pine2086 Lean into it