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Photos from the "Golden Hour".
7999 Canyon Edge, Sunrise7109 Alstrom Point, Lake Powell, AZ_7002 Monument Valley, Totem Pole and Sand Dunes4012 Anticrepuscular Sunset4613 On the Snowy Edge0019 Yosemite Falls Sunrise2635 Sunset from Point Royal, North Rim3272 After the Rain8124 Sunset, Mesquite Dunes8124 Sunset Monsoon Storm2499 Blood Moon, Aircraft Lights1886 Grand Falls of the Little Colorado, Sunset1293 Willow Lake Sunset0575 Watson Lake, Lone Tree0568 Watson Lake9992 Sunrise, Lower Yosemite Falls8410 Rialto Beach Sunrise7956 Vishnu Temple, Sunrise5955 Grand Canyon, North Rim, Exquisite Light