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2112 Bristlecone III8573 Bryce NP, Spring Snow7048 Naked Tree and Desert Varnish2086 Lean into it2635 Sunset from Point Royal, North Rim3531 Pollen Patterns3388 Fossil Creek Cascade2730 Point Royal, After Sunset2660 Point Royal Sunset, North Rim2635 Sunset, Point Royal, North Rim2967 Naked, Kaibab Plateau3098 Erosion Patterns, West Fork Trail2499 Blood Moon, Aircraft Lights1687 Lipan Point, Grand Canyon Sunrise0907 Erosion Curve0575 Watson Lake, Lone Tree0383 Merced River and Meadow0822 Grand Falls at Low Water0416 Yosemite, Winter, Trees9860 El Capitan, Merced River